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Identifying the right sales talent

Not Able to Identify Right Sales Talent Who Can Meet Your Revenue Targets?

Specialized in B2B Sales Recruitment, we can spot right sales talent for you by understanding your “Ideal Candidate Profile”

What We Do

Time taken to fill the Right Sales talent will not only impact your Revenue targets but also affect your confidence in overall talent level. Hence organizations need to focus on recruiting a right talent through their internal team or use Recruitment Consultants to reduce the hiring time.

As a B2B sales recruitment company our expertise equip us in screening talent with  key sales competencies to ensure they take up your business challenge. Unlike any other sales recruitment company our recruitment consultants possess inherent expertise to identify the right resource quickly, use a rigorous methodology to identify the right candidate who can contribute to your business goals.

We focus on your Ideal Candidate Profile other than the job profile so that the recruitment cycle can be brought down. This is one of the key successes wherein all our candidates who are handpicked by our consultants have met their business targets.

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Our Focus

We help our customers in creating an Ideal Candidate Profile and source candidates so that you chose the best from the list.

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B2B Sales Resource Hiring

  • Spot the right talent with desired Sales competencies
  • Evaluate whether candidate can meet the challenges
  • Hiring consultants who have B2B Sales recruitment expertise
  • Focus on Customer business & Strategies to
    evaluate the employee fitment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Innovative Model with assured delivery commitment
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • End to End service – you make your resource plan and we will help to onboard.
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Contract Staffing

  • Flexible model
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Entry level to Senior positions
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Build, Operate & Transfer

  • Support the initial momentum
  • Flexible model customizable as per need
  • Sales Enablement & Payroll management

the benefits

Onboarding Right Resource at Right Time

Being the leading sales recruitment company we ensure you get candidates screened for sales competencies thus reducing your hiring time

Target a Large Talent Pool

With us, recruitment of salesforce is easy as you get access to the pool of both active and passive candidates sourced across multiple channels.

Create Your Ideal Candidate Profile

Get your Ideal Candidate Profile created that covers competencies & culture fitment unique to each company during the sales recruitment process.

Improve the Employee Experience on Your Brand

Our experienced B2B Sales Recruitment consultants update the process for a better employee experience during the hiring and reduce dropouts.

Endorsements From Third Party Experts

You can rely on our recommendations which can add an endorsement to your evaluation process.

Provide Insight Into Industry Trends

Get recommendations on trends, salary level, candidate’s expectations, to design our talent-hiring strategy.


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