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Our experienced sales recruiters will find and hire top sales talents for your organization - so that you don't loose out on revenue due to any delay in sales hiring

B2B Companies We Have Helped in Their Sales Recruitment in India

The Cost of Not Recruiting Right Sales Talents on Time


Revenue Loss

The average loss of revenue due to delay in hiring sales talents is 10 X the salary of the sales person

losing top talent without a sales recruiting company

Losing Top Talent

Slow hiring process will make top talents drop off from the talent pipeline you cannot attract later

higher attrition icon

High Attrition

Delay or wrong hire puts additional load on the existing team which leads to higher attrition

Recruiting right sales talents can be tough for B2B companies

Do you face any of these challenges in your sales recruitment process? If Yes, then we can be the sales recruiters you can rely on.

challenges in sales recruitment

As Sales Recruitment Agency How We Can Help You?

B2B sales recruiters

Hire high-performing sales talents only

93.8% of the candidates we recruited met their sales targets in their respective companies

reduce turn around time

Reduce your hiring turn around time

Speed is the key while working with a B2B sales recruitment agency. We help you reduce sales hiring time by 40%

tools for sales consulting

Target larger pool of candidates

Since we are already working with many B2B companies, we have an access to pool of both active and pasive candidates

I would recommend S&P to any company looking for sales recruitment

Shivram Iyer - CEO - Dixit Infotech

“Our inhouse recruiters were hiring for service engineer roles and didn’t have the bandwidth to hire sales professionals

Sales & Profit team conducted their interviews and assessment of the candidates. They also corrected us on the market reality of the candidates like salary band etc in a very realistic way.

Its been a very mutually rewarding experience.

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My overall experience with Sales & Profit has been very positive.

Girish Nanappa - National Sales Head - SYNOPSYS Inc.

“Since we’re very dependent on the sales team for our revenue generation, I was looking for a replacement for one of the salesperson leaving the team.

The Sales & Profit team not only helped us to define the requirements well, but they also went through the process of identifying and selecting the right candidates.

Throughout the recruitment process, Sales & Profit team has been very helpful and proactive in their approach”

What Our Customers Say


Glad to be partnered with Sales & Profit to identify the right candidates. Their understanding & ability to source sales candidates with the desired competencies helped us ramp up quickly. We look forward working with S&P again to scale our sales team as we grow!

Sathya Narayanan​

Sr Director Sales - Progress Software


Sales & Profit brings a unique capability of sourcing B2B Sales talents with the desired competencies. We engaged them for sourcing Sales talents for Entp & Govt verticals. They always provided us with a good choice of candidates. We are extremely happy with their service and recommend them in the Sales talent search

Manish Gupta​

Country Manager India - Liferay Inc.

Zuper Inc engaged Sales & Profit for B2B Sales recruitment. Their speedy understanding of our needs and quality screening led to hiring 3 Account Managers in a month. Akanksha from S&P ensured the right team was in place with relentless follow-ups. I am very happy with their Sales recruitment services and recommend using them for Sales hiring in the tech vertical

Pradep Sakthi

Head of Human Resources - Zuper Inc

Our Industry Expertise


Sales Recruitment for Software Companies


Sales Recruitment for Technology / Tech Product Companies


Sales Recruitment for SaaS Security Companies

IT / IT Services

Sales Recruitment for IT & IT Consulting, Sys Integrators


Sales Recruitment for Telecommunication Companies

Cyber Security

Sales Recruitment for Cyber Security companies

How Do We Recruit High-Performing Sales Talents ?


Defining Your Ideal Candidate Profile​

We will spend time with your hiring team to understand your ideal talent expectations, culture fitment, employee experience, sourcing market and create an Ideal Candidate Profile.


Headhunting Sales Candidates​

Our sales recruiters will spend 3X of hours headhunting the right sales talent to tap the active as well as passive talent market for you.


Screen & Access the Sales Candidates

We assess the candidates on multiple sales competencies and will only submit shortlisted candidates so that your time to hire is improved.


Enhance Your Employee Engagement & Branding

As sales hiring agency, its our job to actively understand the candidate’s career aspirations and improve your branding and candidate experience.

Number That Would Matter

32 Days

Average time to fill a position

2x Times Faster

Sales talent sourced compared to the organization themselves

1: 5 Hit Ratio

Our candidates reaching the final interview

Ready to Hire Top Sales Talents for Your Team?

After you submit this form, we’ll reach out to you to understand your sales hiring requirements and help you recruit top sales talents.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

We support companies in sourcing sales talents for job roles like

  • SDR
  • BDR
  • Inside Sales
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Leaders
  • Vice President Sales
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Success Managers

We help small, medium, large organizations and also Fortune 500 companies in hiring sales professionals for them. We strictly work with companies in IT and technology space, because as sales recruitment agency in India that’s where our expertise lies

The commercial model is based on your requirement, urgency, and the amount of effort you need from us to focus on. Our sales recruitment services are charged based on the outcome and the option you chose.

You are free to choose the option which suits your business needs

  1. Contingent Search: Recommended for talent search for roles where you will have Active as well as passive candidates. (Mid Management level)

  2. Retainer Search: Recommended where you need to extra focus on looking for passive candidates with timelines. (Mid Management & Sr. Management )

Being a professional sales hiring agency we support companies only with open sales positions.

Sales recruitment needs someone who can understand your business needs and expected outcomes from them.

Also in our sales recruitment service, we hunt for passive candidates as well.

For that, we have a team of sales recruiters who are trained for B2B Sales hiring

We have hired for sales roles with a specific focus like :

  • For Prospecting and generating qualified leads in PAN India market and global markets – SDRs, BDRs.
  • For prospecting and closing opportunities – Inside Sales, Account managers
  • Hunting and farming roles in large enterprise markets – KAM, SAM, Sales Managers
  • Sales leaders who are responsible for customer acquisition & revenue generation – Sales Directors, VPs of Sales
  • Customer retention and upselling – Customer Success Managers

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Our sales training programs are designed to build high-performing sales teams and put them in the top 1%


B2B Sales Consulting

We help B2B companies find and hire the right sales talents within the required timelines, and reduce their turn around time by 40%

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After you submit this form, we’ll reach out to you to understand your sales talent requirements.

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