About Sales & Profit

Want Your Sales Team to Be One of the Key Differentiators to Grow Revenue ?

We Are in the Business of Helping Companies to Improve Their Sales Engine​

We are changing the way companies differentiating themselves through the Sales team being its people, process and tools to Make More Sales & Better Sales.

Our mission is to help Enterprise Businesses achieve profitable growth by transforming their Sales and Marketing function. We help our customers make decisions that position them for disruptive growth and provide solutions to execute at scale.

How We Do It

Our Team

We are a team of B2B Sales focused, professionals who are passionate about science part of Sales, apply, share know- hows that benefit individuals & companies to build a high-performing Sales Engine. We have demonstrated that our team is the strength and responsible for the growth journey.

For Customers

When it comes to helping our customers, It starts with hiring the right sales talent, training the team with techniques and methodologies, setting up the right process to generate more qualified prospects, closing more deals, & using technology tools to enhance performance at every stage.


We follow a philosophy of partnering with the best-in-class and have built an eco-system of specialists to deliver performance to our customers.

B2B Focused

Our focus is B2B businesses and we endeavor to create solutions that are deeply embedded within industry opportunities.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in discovering and developing strategies that help our clients achieve their Sales performance metrics by supporting People, Process and Tools. We currently focus on following industry segments.

IT Industry
Saas Products

How We Got Here

Sales & Profit Founded​

Started operations in Mumbai and Bangalore in Sept 2015 with a mission to create a company that can help in every aspect of B2B Sales.

Sep 2015

Partnership with Miller Heiman Group​

Through a partnership with Miller Heiman Group, we trained Sales Professionals on the proven Sales Methodologies to improve sales metrics.

Nov 2015


Started with our ales outsourcing services and won the trust of large multinational organizations to outsource their sales activities.

March 2017

Addition of Services​

Our recruitment and lead generation capability contributed to our Sales Outsourcing business growth. Launched both as independent services, customers started outsourcing the above process to us and seen a significant impact on their business.

Dec 2018

Partnership with Global Tech Companies​

In the journey, we realized that technology is transforming sales, so we partnered with global tech companies for improving sales. Our partners Emplay, Pipeliner, SalesWhale and Terminus.

Dec 2018

Working with Independent Consultants​

Onboarded Independent Sales Consultants and Recruitment Consultants to leverage their strengths to build a business model to help customers.

Jan 2020