Mastering Strategic Account Management & Traits of Top Account Managers

Why its important to have a Strategic Account focus?

Strategic account management is crucial for businesses, especially for those companies where 20% of key accounts contribute to 80% of the revenue.

By focusing on these high-value accounts, companies can maximize profitability, foster long-term relationships, and drive sustainable growth

It identifies risks, opportunities, and upselling potential, ensuring proactive measures to maintain satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.

What will you learn from this webinar?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Role of Account Manager in Building long-term relationships.
  • How to drive revenue growth through strategic account management.
  • The key traits of top account managers and how to assess them.
  • How one can become successful in Account Management.


Sathya Narayanan - Senior Director Sales - Progress Softwares

Sathya Narayanan is an accomplished sales leader specializing in SAAS products and lead-to-revenue strategies. With extensive experience in business strategy, sales leadership, and general management, Sathya excels in B2B sales, strategic planning, and revenue growth.

He has held senior positions at Progress, Automation Anywhere, and Replicon, demonstrating a proven track record of exceeding targets and building successful sales teams. Sathya is known for his expertise in solution selling, deal negotiation, and driving business growth.

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