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Are these sales challenges declining your revenue growth?

How our sales consulting service will help you drive sales growth?

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Simplify your sales process

Make your sales process simple but significant. Customer buying journey is complex, so we help simplify your sales process to remain customer focused.

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Effective revenue forecast with high visibility & control

Effective forecasting is a key business driver. We help you build on forecast framework grounds up to enable your sales team forecast with command & gain control on variability

tools for sales consulting

Tools to improve efficiency of your sales team

Customer identification, qualification, meeting preparation, aligning customer business value are key sales task. We help your develop tools to ensure they are delivered efficiently to make team more productive.

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Improving sales outcomes & sales effectiveness

Activity is not productivity. We enable your team to the right tasks, work to deliver higher customer LTV, reduce churn rates, qualified pipe & reduce acquisition cost.

sales team structure

Team structure aligned to customer segment

Achieving a right structure for a segment can enhance sales productivity by 10%. We help you structure your team in alignment to customer segment.

improved deal judgement

Improved judgement of deals prioritization

Limited resources lead to opportunity cost & Inaccurate judgement of opportunity is revenue lost. We enable teams with tools to judge the given opportunity dispassionately leading to appropriate & prioritized resource allocation

Our B2B Sales Consulting Process

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Discovery Discussion with Sales Consultants

Speak with our sales consultants and explain them your current sales process, org structure, challenges, revenue targets etc. with an intent to internalize each point & observation being shared.

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Problem Identification & Analysis

We analyze all shared details & take a step down approach to mark out the cause & the symptoms of your current sales challenges.

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Solution Design & Development

Each identified cause is further discussed to find a few solutions to each cause, develop the solution with extrapolation & visualization of real time application to define "Objectives and key results (OKR)".

Implementation & Transition

Agreed solution is deployed with a mutually agreed process & transition is monitored against the defined "Objectives and key results (OKR)".

Measurement & Report

Measurement of the OKR after a stipulated period helps to measure the success of journey. This is further documented & shared in executive briefing format.

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I'm more than happy to recommend S&P's sales consulting services for emerging company's growth

Sunil Kumar - CEO - 3c3 India Pvt Ltd

“When we started we came from a technological background and we didn’t have much knowledge on sales part.

Sales & Profit has been helping us to prepare GTM strategy, and address the market needs. They have helped us understand the nuances of sales, build a sales team and enabled them to sell our solutions.

We’ve been using their sales consulting services from last 7 years and we are very happy with their services.

They are extremely transparent about what they are doing with their clients

Leenna Jayachaandran - Founder, CEO - Transdefy

Sales & Profit clearly show the results and the factors taken into consideration to drive the results what the customer is looking for.

I would highly recommend Sales & Profit’s services, and very very happy working with them. “

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What Customers Say About Our Sales Consulting Services


Really appreciate S&P's efforts and insights. I have worked with so many sales consultants but the interest they take even after the deployment of programs is really commendable and their proactiveness in everything they do really sets them apart. Really appreciate and am glad to have worked with S&P

Rucha Upasani​

Head Talent & Leadership - SKF India​

Thanks to Vishal & Linnet for initiating such a wonderful training program. It connected well with us & I am amazed to see how people are glued for 3 hours to these sessions. We're learning many new concepts & implementing those immediately in our workshops. It's adding great value to our thinking process & giving me a completely new perspective on looking at my accounts.

Jyotsna Kulkarni​

President - Harbinger Systems​

I have been dealing with Vishal Mehta since 2017. He did sales consulting for our company. Vishal has very good knowledge in B2B sales and has built his own methodology in qualifying clients. I feel companies who use his methodology will gain immensely as they would stop chasing dead leads and focus more on revenue generating opportunities. I would highly recommend companies to use his services.

Akash Arora

Owner - Management and Computer Consultants

Not sure when do you need a sales consulting company for your business?

We totally get it, usually many organizations are not aware when is the right time for b2b sales consulting.

It’s like when do you see a need to visit a “doctor”? Either you realize your body is showing certain symptoms and you realize your home medicines are not working anymore.

Or you feel it’s better to proactively take expert advice when things are good with your health (Like proactive body checkups ).

Similarly – if your business is showing certain symptoms ( viz. Slow growth, dip in customer satisfaction, efforts Vs results mismatch etc ) and you have realized you would need an external B2B sales consultant to get involved.

Many customers also keep a sales consulting company always engaged to ensure their organization remains on the right path.

Its like investing in AMC instead of getting stuck when things stop working.

Meet Your Sales Consultants

Our expert sales consultants are your partners in growth, helping you solve your sales challenges and achieve your revenue goals.

Leenna Jayachaandran

Ready to boost your revenue with proven sales strategies?

Get in touch with us and our sales consultants will help you navigate through your toughest sales challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Sales Training is focused on your “Sales Process” i.e “Suspect to Order” journey.

In b2b sales consulting , we take a holistic view. It goes beyond ” Sales Process” and uncovers other elements which influence your Sales KPIs.

A few examples are

  • How is your Sales Talent
  • Territory mapping approach
  • Sales Compensation
  • Sales Organziation structure
  • Whether your sales team is right-sized
  • Sales technology stacks
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Your GTM (Go to Market) strategy etc.

And are many more.

B2B Sales is a big topic with multiple elements.

Each element influences your sales metrics.

However, our focus would be to identify 10-20% of elements that can make a 60-80% positive impact to your organization.

Yes. All our sales consultants comes with Sales management/Leadership experience.

We work in two ways. Either we work like a chemist (however we double check if you are asking the right medicine from us) and give you the intervention that you ask for.

Or we behave like a “doctor”. Here – our customers have symptoms (Sales problems/challenges) and our sales consultants would work closely to diagnose the right cause/s and suggest the right intervention that should create Win-Win-Win (for your end customers – for your sales team – for your organization).

We not only share a holistic view of how the final solution will look like, but also would recommend phase-wise recommendations to keep things simple at your end.

Our Sales Consulting interventions impact leading and lagging indicators.

Some of these KPIs are – Order booking, Revenue realization, Individual Quota attainment, Qualified funnel, No. of demos, No. of new logos, Sales attrition, No. of new touchpoints in existing large accounts etc.

We proactively work with our customers to identify 2-4 Sales KPIs which we should together work towards.

Our sales consultants would work closely with the required stakeholders during the consulting duration to track the change in identified KPIs.

Your involvement would be very important to ensure the success of the engagement.

We would request Leaders and managers’ involvement to help institutionalize the learning.

We will be happy to share best practices with you to get optimum output from your investment of time/money/effort for the Sales Consulting.

Its natural. We have heard this many times.

If you are unsure, we suggest you start with “Sales Training” first.

Its relatively less complex and does not impact other functions of your organization.

Once you are convinced with us, you may like to consider consulting as next steps.

We suggest you come out with your own decision criteria and sales KPIs you want to measure.

And then measure the sales consulting companies in India that can make the maximum impact on your identified sales KPIs.

For eg – We would never be cheaper when you compare us on “cost” but we would be the “cheapest” when you compare us on “Return on Investment” we generate.

On a lighter note, Harsha Bhogle has in-depth knowledge about cricket and is a great commentator, but would you hire him as a coach of the Indian cricket team?

Similarly, you may like to engage with a sales consulting company in India whose consultants have B2B Sales background and not a typical training background.

It can vary from one month to a year-long duration. Milestones/activities are defined and measured periodically.

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