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Our Sales Training Has Created an Impact for Companies Like

Are any of these challenges impacting your sales growth?

If yes, then it’s time to work with a sales training company in India to overcome these obstacles and drive revenue growth.

  • Your sales team is not hitting their targets consistently.
  • Not able to identify the right prospects.
  • Not able to get access to right decision makers.
  • Not able to have engaging conversation with Sr. decision makers.
  • Not able to build a strong pipeline and funnel.
  • Not able to qualify opportunities better.
  • Your sales attrition is high, and your team’s morale is low.
  • Customers treat you as normal vendor and not as consultants or preferred suppliers.
  • You had good engagement, but still the opportunity went on hold.
  • Lack of control while negotiating with customers.
  • Sales team don’t prepare enough for customer meetings.
  • Your Sales & Marketing team is not aligned.

Outcomes You Get From Our Sales Training Programs

Higher revenue growth​

Historically all our customers have seen a major jump in their order booking and revenue realisation post our sales training sessions.

Higher sales productivity

We will optimize your sales professional’s time by bringing structure to the sales process and significantly improving their sales productivity.

Win more deals with right margins

We'll help you win right deals (and not every deal) with right terms /margins.

Proper meeting preparation & opportunity qualification

Our experience says – this is hygiene and a distinct trait of a “Great Sales Professionals”. They enter customer meeting prepared and are quite good at qualifying which opportunities to pursue.

Win-More / Lose-Fast

We will help you win more, but we also enable you to learn to “Lose Fast” the deals which they are eventually going to lose.

Customer centric sales team

We enable sales teams to create a win-win for themselves and the customer and never try to manipulate the customers.

Impact of Our Effective Sales Training Programs

On Your Sales Team

On Your Customers

On Your Organization

Our 5 Step Sales Training Approach



Our sales trainers would diagnose your organization’s sales challenges and suggest right intervention.



After that would like to have a detailed view of your organization – your customers, your competitors, your sales team’s real life sales situations. This helps us remain true to your world during the sales training programs.


Content Customization

Based on the first two steps, the trainer will prepare and customize the content/ delivery to remain close to the customer’s world.



The workshop will be all about real life sales situations. We avoid getting into hypothetical case studies and remain realistic to our customers’ sales situations.



This is the most important part of sales training programs. Post workshop is where participants tend to forget things and go back to original way of doing things. Here our focus is to refresh the concepts and remaining laser focused on real life applications of the concepts learnt, help managers coach sales team with new learning and track Sales Performance KPI’s

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The sales training workshop was an eye opener

Aditi Surana - Founder of APT & TEDx Speaker

“My favorite part was the scientific approach to the sales process, which aligns with my background in behavioral analysis.

The concepts sounded very practical, and I plan to implement it in my B2B service venture.

It’s a valuable investment for any sales professional, and I’d love ongoing sessions for feedback and improvement.

The team’s was very prompt in all their communication. Thank you! and all the best”

The workshop should be called as Supercharge your sales workshop

Om Gupta - MD of GRT Global Logistics

“Attending this sales training program was an amazing experience, offering new dimensions and perspectives that I wasn’t aware of.

The insights gained were unique, surpassing various sales books and teachings I’ve encountered over the years.

I have tried to incorporate the elements from the workshop in my sales process and also my sales team who have understood these elements have generated phenomenal results.”

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What Customers Say About Our Sales Training Programs

Thanks to Vishal & Linnet for initiating such a wonderful training program. It connected well with us & I am amazed to see how people are glued for 3 hours to these sessions. We're learning many new concepts & implementing those immediately in our workshops. It's adding great value to our thinking process & giving me a completely new perspective on looking at my accounts.

Jyotsna Kulkarni​

President - Harbinger Systems​


Really appreciate S&P's efforts and insights. I have worked with so many sales consultants but the interest they take even after the deployment of programs is really commendable and their proactiveness in everything they do really sets them apart. Really appreciate and am glad to have worked with S&P

Rucha Upasani​

Head Talent & Leadership - SKF India​

Thanks to Vishal. It was a great learning experience for all. The team members certainly have sharpened their sales skills and have a new outlook to win in the dynamic corporate world, especially post-Covid.

Sunil Rane

SVP - Business Development - Quest2Travel

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I recommend all salespeople & founders to attend the program once

Vinita Wadhwa - Sales Head at Atrina Tech

“The program is exceptionally structured and offers deep insights into sales processes.

The depth of learning provided, even for complex concepts, is significant and well-executed. Every participant receives personal attention and all doubts are cleared.

Sales & Profit’s sales training equips you with a structured approach to meetings and sales strategies, which is immediately applicable and highly effective.

What will lack of sales training cost your organization?


Revenue loss/ order booking loss

Lack of sales training can negatively affect your organization's sales metrics by 15-30 %

Less productivity of sales team

Untrained sales team usually waste their time working on wrong accounts, opportunities, and customer contacts

Lower customer satisfaction

Untrained sales professionals are unable to understand customer’s - need, need behind the need, decision making stage, decision making criteria etc. resulting in low customer satisfaction

Lower morale of sales team

Untrained sales team gets excited with any opportunity coming their way, win less, earn less commission, get low respect from managers/customers & have a low morale

Longer sales cycles

Untrained sales team have many opportunities that remain in the funnel for months/ years because they were not able to qualify the opportunities in the first place.

Reduced margins

Untrained sales team enter customer’s buying process at RFP/ RFQ stage and hence come under pressure during negotiation stage. Thus, they end up giving more discounts.

Our Sales Training Programs in India

Customer Centric – Meeting Preparation Process

Your sales reps should feel confident prior reaching to prospects. The training focuses on Customer focused preparations and execution

Opportunity Qualification

How to focus on right opportunities so that your team's productivity is high

Opportunity Management

To ensure drive the deals for closure by understand the customer better & strategize effectively

B2B sales recruiters

Strategic Account Management

To enable customer facing team to strengthen relationship with top 20% of customers who contribute heavily to your business

Sales Negotiation Skills

Customer focused negotiation strategies for a win-win outcome

Sales Manager Coaching

When managers learn to coach, they develop powerful leadership competencies to enable individuals and teams to perform

B2B sales recruiters

Funnel Management

Learn the best practices of funnel management, prioritize sales rep’s selling time, effective review questions

Channel Management

Enable the Sales team with necessary skills in appointing and managing channel partners

tools for sales consulting

Getting Right Appointments

Enable the team to speak with right buying persona in the right accounts with crisp and compelling elevator pitch to fix up meetings

Some Images From Our Sales Training Programs

Ready to Build a High Performing Sales Team?​

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you take your sales team to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

“B2B Sales”, like any other function, is a big topic and it’s a journey.

We suggest you to conduct sales training for your sales team depending on the stage of your sales talents and stage of your organization.

For example –  You may like to institutionalize a “common sales language” for “Suspect to Order, Account Management” sales process.

You may also want to onboard new sales talent with “sales training intervention” to ensure everybody in your organization speaks the same language.

Enterprise Sales is a big topic. We would not recommend you to try to cover everything in 1 day. It will turn out to be a “Penny wise, Pound foolish” decision.

In the short run, you would be happy to have covered all the topics in one go.

However, skill adoption and behaviour change need time. After a week, you would realise that your team do not recall anything and your “best has become a bit better”, whereas the “rest have gone back to the earlier way of doing things”.

Its better to segregate the problems

This would help the right team to attend, appreciate the learning, and inculcate the learning in real-life customer/sales situations.

As one of the most experienced B2B sales training company in India, we encompass the whole gamut of enterprise sales training programs.

Some of them are

  1. Meeting Preparation
  2. Opportunity Qualification
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Account Management
  5. Managers’ coaching
  6. Negotiation Skills
  7. Getting more appointments
  8. Defining Ideal customer profile
  9. Follow up plans
  10. Channel Management
  11. Advanced Questioning Skills.

We also keep working on creating new content, new modules based on requests we receive from our customers or based on inputs from our consultants.

Yes. All of our sales trainers come with sales management or leadership experience.

We work in two ways:-

1. Either we work like a chemist (We double check if you are asking for the right medicine from us ) and give you the intervention you ask for.

2. Or we behave like a “doctor”. If you have symptoms (sales problems or challenges). Our sales trainers would work closely with you to diagnose the causes and suggest the right intervention that should create a win-win for your end customers, your sales team, and your organization. 

Our sales training interventions impact leading and lagging indicators.

Some of these KPIs are: Order booking, Revenue realization, Individual Quota attainment, Qualified funnel, No. of demos, No. of new logos, Sales attrition, No. of new touchpoints in existing large accounts, etc.

We proactively work with our customers to identify 3–4 sales KPIs before the sales training workshop.

Our sales trainers would work closely with participants and your managers during the pre-workshop and after the workshop to track the changes in identified KPIs. 

Yes. We keep everything transparent.

We will be happy to share the facilitator’s profile, and our team will set up an introductory call with the facilitator before the training programs.

Your involvement would be very important to ensure the success of the sales training workshops.

We would request the leader’s and manager’s involvement to help institutionalise the learning.

We will be happy to share best practises with you in order to get the maximum return out of your sales training investment in terms of time, money, and effort.

The first 3 months of the post training sessions are important to retain the learning.

Our team would share an appropriate “Post-workshop Reinforcement plan” with your team. Over time, we have acquired dos and don’ts with regard to “reinforcement best practices”. We will be happy to share with you these best practises during our discussions with you.

We suggest you come up with your own decision criteria and sales KPIs you want to improve.

And then measure the sales training companies in India who can make the maximum impact on your identified sales KPIs.

In case of us, we might not be cheaper when comparing us on “cost” but we would be the “cheapest” when comparing us on “ROI.” 

There are two ways you can measure the effectiveness on the ground.

  1. Positive impact to Sales KPIs
  2. Behaviour change of the sales team.

Positive Impact to the Sales KPIs

Our team will work closely with you to identify 2-3 key Sales KPIs.

The same to be tracked for 2-4-6 months post our Sales Training programs.

Our team will be happy to walk you through the “Return on Investment” calculation before you decide to go with us.

We would not recommend our services unless we are convinced that it will have a signifcant positive contribution to your business.

Behaviour change :

We conudct a knowledge assessment of the participants 15-30 days before the sales trainng programs and again 30 days after the programs.

The results capture change in the sales concepts/skills.

Over time, we have been fortunate enough to work with customers across verticals, size and geographies.

There would be a high possibility that we would have worked in your industry.

However there is always a first time.

Our team will be honest with you and will share if we’ve worked in your industry or not.

For us, trust is sacrosanct and relationship is for life.

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