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B2B Sales Training designed to bring Science to the Art of Selling

As a B2B focused company - are any of these challenges affecting your sales metrics?

challenges in sales recruitment

How Sales Training Can Help You Improve Your Current Situation

Higher revenue growth​

Historically all our customers have seen a jump in their order booking and revenue realisation.

Higher sales productivity

Sales team is an expensive team,we remain focused on optimising sales professional’s time by bringing structure to the sales process and significantly improving sales productivity.

Win more deals with right margins

We help our customers with right deals (and not every deal) with right terms/margins. Our objective is to keep a balance between “Sales & Profit”

Proper meeting preparation & opportunity qualification

Our experience says – this is hygiene and a distinct trait of a “Great Sales Professionals”. They enter customer meeting prepared and are quite good at qualifying which opportunities to pursue.

Win-More / Lose-Fast

We help our customers win more, but we also enable our customers to learn to “Lose Fast” the deals which they are eventually anyway going to lose.

Customer centric sales team

We enable customer to remain win-win and never try to manipulate our customers.

Impact of an Effective Sales Training

For You Sales Team

For Your Customers

For Your Organization

Our 5 Step Sales Training Approach to Make a Positive Impact to Your Sales Metrics

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Our experienced consultants would diagnose your sales organization’s symptoms to get to the cause and suggest right intervention.

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Post your go ahead, we would like to have a detailed view of your world – your customers, your competitors, your sales team’s real life sales situations. This helps our consultants remain true to your world during the sales training workshop.

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Content Customization

Based on the first two steps, the consultant will prepare and customize the content/delivery to remain close to the customer’s world.


Consultant led Sales training workshop. It will be all about real life sales situations. We avoid getting into hypothetical case studies and remain realistic to our customers’ sales situations.


Our experience tells us – this is the most important part of a sales training program. Post workshop is the stage where participants tend to forget things and go back to original way of doing things. Here our focus is to refresh the concepts and remaining laser focused on real life applications of the concepts learnt, help managers coach sales team with new learning and track Sales Performance KPI’s

What Our Customers Say

Glad to be partnered with Sales & Profit to identify the right candidates. Their understanding & ability to source sales candidates with the desired competencies helped us ramp up quickly. We look forward working S&P again to scale our team as we grow !
Sathya Narayanan
Sr Director Sales - Progress
Sales & Profit brings a unique capability of sourcing Sales candidates with the desired competencies. We engaged them for sourcing Sales talents for Entp & Govt verticals & they always provided us with a good choice of candidates. We are extremely happy with their service and recommend them in Sales Talent search
Manish Gupta
Country Manager India - Liferay Inc.
Really appreciate S&P's efforts and insights. I have worked with so many sales consultants but the interest they take even after the deployment of programs is really commendable and their proactiveness in everything they do really sets them apart. Really appreciate and glad to have worked with S&P
Rucha Upasani
Head - Talent & Leadership - SKF India

What will lack of sales training cost your organization?


Revenue loss/ order booking loss

Lack of sales training can negatively affect your organization's sales metrics by 15-30 %

Less productivity of sales team

Untrained sales team usually waste their time working on wrong accounts, opportunities, and customer contacts

Lower customer satisfaction

Untrained sales professionals are unable to understand customer’s - need, need behind the need, decision making stage, decision making criteria etc. resulting in low customer satisfaction

Lower morale of sales team

Untrained sales team gets excited with any opportunity coming their way, win less, earn less commission, get low respect from managers/customers & have a low morale

Longer Sales Cycles

Untrained sales team have many opportunities that remain in the funnel for months/ years because they were not able to qualify the opportunities in the first place.

Reduced Margins

Untrained sales team enter customer’s buying process at RFP/ RFQ stage and hence come under pressure during negotiation stage. Thus, they end up giving more discounts.

Our Sales Training Programs

Customer Centric – Meeting Preparation Process

Your sales reps should feel confident prior reaching to prospects. The training focuses on Customer focused preparations and execution

Opportunity Qualification

How to focus on right opportunities so that your team's productivity is high

Opportunity Management

To ensure drive the deals for closure by understand the customer better & strategize effectively

B2B sales recruiters

Strategic Account Management

To enable customer facing team to strengthen relationship with top 20% of customers who contribute heavily to your business

Sales Negotiation Skills

Customer focused negotiation strategies for a win-win outcome

Sales Manager Coaching

When managers learn to coach, they develop powerful leadership competencies to enable individuals and teams to perform

B2B sales recruiters

Funnel Management

Learn the best practices of funnel management, prioritize sales rep’s selling time, effective review questions

Channel Management

Enable the Sales team with necessary skills in appointing and managing channel partners

sales recruiters targeting larger pool of candidatures

Getting Right Appointments

Enable the team to speak with right buying persona in the right accounts with crisp and compelling elevator pitch to fix up meetings

B2B companies we've conducted sales training for

We’ve helped over 100+ B2B organizations in training their sales professionals to improve their sales metrics

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