Built a Team of Sales & Customer Success Managers Within 180 Days for a Global CPaaS Company

Key Points to Know

Company Background

The client offers a platform to reach out to every customer on their own preferred channel with dynamic, omnichannel campaigns, using SMS, Voice or Email performance, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or Google Maps.

The platform helps to bring all customer conversations together. Empower customer service agents to support customers more efficiently, without compromising on customer experience.

Customer's Challenge and Objective

The client was setting up the India operation with a team of Business Development Directors and Managers to focus on the India geography. 

They were a late entrant into India and were looking to build a customer-facing team in line with global standards but within a specified time.

Speed and quality of hire are most important.

They were exploring a suitable sales recruitment agency with experience and talent connections in the Indian market who can support building this team. 

Even though The client is a global player they do not have a registered entity in India and required a partner who can sell their brand and long-term play story with the candidates.

Service We Provided

The client signed up for a contingency plan of our sales recruitment service with an exclusive arrangement for fulfilling the sales roles.

They had requested for setting up the Sales team of BDD and BDM spread across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi

How We Achieved

The S&P delivery team had discussions with the hiring manager in India and understood what is expected out of the role and what key competencies are required for the role and relevant experience is a must.

Also had a call with the global HR team based in Singapore to understand the cultural fitment and created an Ideal Candidate Profile to assess every prospective candidate. 

Our sales recruiters created potential target companies to target the head-hunting process as CPaaS space is limited and there are not many active sales professionals who are looking to move out from their existing companies.

Focus efforts went in speaking to the achievers in the target companies and persuading them to explore the opportunity with the client company if they found to fit the job role.

With this the team was able to build a candidate pipeline after screening and this helped our client to hire from the list with more options and able to take calls to close with the right talent.

The Results

The client was able to co-create a Sales talent-hiring strategy for India based on the market data & insights shared by the S&P team.

They were able to set up the Sales team & Customer Success managers in place within 180 days of operations.

Their hiring team was able to evaluate each & every candidate-based S&P recruiters assessment report and able to conclude the interview process faster than usual.

The S&P team supported the handholding of the candidate from initial contact till onboarding and informed candidates on the next actions and expectations so that they are well prepared.

The candidates had higher employee engagement due to this  and were able reduce the drop put ratio.

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