Hired Right Sales Candidate for Synopsys Inc in Just 60 Days & Reduced Their Time to Hire by 30%

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My overall experience with Sales & Profit has been very positive.

Girish Nanappa - National Sales Head - SYNOPSYS Inc.

“Since we’re very dependent on the sales team for our revenue generation, I was looking for a replacement for one of the salesperson leaving the team.

The Sales & Profit team not only helped us to define the requirements well, but they also went through the process of identifying and selecting the right candidates.

Throughout the recruitment process, Sales & Profit team has been very helpful and proactive in their approach”

Company Background

Synopsys is a publicly listed (in USA) organization addressing a wide range of security and quality defects while integrating seamlessly into the DevOps environment.

Synopsys is the market leader in this space and is at the forefront of Smart Everything with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design, verification, IP integration, and software security and quality testing.

Customer's Challenge and Objective

As per the expansion plan, Synopsys was looking to add a Regional Sales Manager based in Bangalore. They had an internal team but focused more on non-sales hiring than the sales role and were unable to build a candidate funnel as per the need.

Thus, they were looking for a sales recruitment agency with experience in this space to expedite the entire sales hiring process to close the position within a specified time. 

Service We Provided

Synopsys signed up for a Retainer model of our sales recruitment service with an exclusive arrangement for fulfilling the sales role.

They have requested for sourcing the Regional Sales Manager (RSM) based in Bangalore.

How We Achieved

The S&P delivery team had a discussion with the hiring manager who happens to be the India Sales Head (Reporting Manager) to understand what is expected out of the role, what key sales competencies are required, what they must have, and nice to have traits and what sort of domain expertise is needed. 

The S&P team even had a conversation with the TA Head to understand the cultural fitment and based on the inputs created an Ideal Candidate Profile to assess every prospective candidate. 

The team shortlisted similar companies, reached out to their connections in the industry, and carried out the head-hunting method by reaching out to the competition companies to source the relevant candidates as the segment is quite a niche and the available talent is limited. 

Considering the talent is limited, we at times approached passive candidates and convinced them to consider Synopsys as their next career move.

The Results

Synopsys was able to get the desired candidate as per the need in just 60 days of the engagement.

The S&P team shared only a limited set of sales-qualified profiles which reduced their overall time to hire by around 30% and were able to conclude the interview process faster than usual.

The S&P team even supported the handholding of the candidate from initial contact till onboarding and informed candidates on the next actions and expectations so that they are well prepared.

The candidates had higher employee engagement due to this and were able to reduce the drop-out ratio.

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