How Can Psychometrics Help You Hire High-Potential Sales Talents

Why psychometric assessment should be a part of your sales hiring strategy?

How can you distinguish ‘Imposters’ from a ‘High-Potential Sales Talent’?

As candidates have started using AI tools to generate the perfect CV and prepare for interviews, it’s getting challenging to find a genuine candidate.

Hiring managers are still relying on their instincts.

In sales recruitment, psychometric assessment acts as an extra filter to eliminate those imposters.

It goes beyond traditional hiring techniques in assessing the cognitive and personality traits of candidates.

So that you can predict the performance of the Sales Talent you intend to recruit.

What will you learn from this webinar?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Challenges companies are currently facing in sales recruitment
  • Role of psychometric assessments in identifying the perfect sales candidate
  • The potential objections or resistance to implementing it in companies
  • Practical strategies & tools to implement Psychometric Assessments.
  • Benefits of using psychometric assessments in sales hiring process.


Amey Dharashivkar - Sales Performance Consultant - Sales & Profit

Amey Dharashivkar is an accomplished sales consultant and trainer with a focus on driving revenue growth for B2B companies. His expertise lies in SaaS/PasS product sales and enterprise sales to BFSI, Manufacturing, and IT-ITES customers. He excels in diagnosing and solving sales challenges, building high-performing sales teams, and creating effective sales strategies.

With a successful track record as an independent sales consultant, he has improved sales metrics and revenue growth for various B2B companies. He has established hiring processes, competency mapping assessment centers, and provided assistance with elevator pitches, sales meeting preparation, and understanding customer needs.

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