Changing Trends in Sales Recruitment & How to Cope With It

Why you need to be aware of the changing trends in sales recruitment? Those who are running a B2B company or leading a sales team know how important it is to have high-performing sales talents in your team to meet revenue targets. But since the post covid era alot has

How to Write Better B2B Cold Emails and Get More Replies

Why writing good B2B cold emails is important People say cold emails are dead because it’s challenging to get a response from someone who doesn’t know who you are. The reason your prospect doesn’t respond to you is because you don’t provide enough value for them in your cold email.

A Leader’s Role in Enhancing Sales Productivity

Why is sales productivity important? Sales productivity is one of the most important things for a sales team because sales strategies and productivity go hand in hand. If your sales team’s productivity is not aligned with the sales strategies, the sales strategy will fail. Therefore it’s very important to keep

How to Develop a Sales Talent Strategy for Your Organization

Why do companies need to build a sales talent strategy? Salespeople are the core to formulate the success of an organization. But many organization doesn’t have a strategy for hiring sales talents on time, attracting top sales talents and reducing the attrition. You need a sales talent strategy to tackle

Decoding Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

What is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? An ICP -An ideal customer profile is defined as the type of company that would benefit the most from your product or service. The companies that fit your ICP tend to have the quickest, most successful sales cycle, are most likely to buy

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