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Want to Know How Sales Tools Can Improve Your Sales Revenue Metrics?

“When technology meets human effort, the results are exponential”. We aim to make this a reality and work on your sales stack strategy through a team of well-rounded sales professionals.

What We Do

There is a proven correlation between the adoption of sales stack and sales performance. 82% of the top salespeople cite sales tools as ‘Critical” to their ability to close deals, compared with 66% overall.

At Sales & Profit we are equipped to understand your business needs, current challenges, expected outcomes and advise you with the adoption of right technology tools that give you visible results that improve your Business KPIs.

The doubling of computer processing speed every 18 months, known as Moore’s Law, is just one manifestation of the greater trend that all technological change occurs at an exponential rate.

Our experience has taught us that clients need this ever-changing technology tools to augment their sales efforts and give them value for money.

Sales Tools and Technologies

Our Focus

" A right choice of sales tech tools equip the B2B sales teams to be at their productive best and highly impactful in business engagements"

Sales CRM

Sales CRM

Provides valuable services to a sales team, tracking lead data and organizing information in a way that can improve the sales cycle. 

Built for Sales and used by sales ,you get an exceptional user engagement through the sales friendly interface and a powerful one-of-its kind Instant , Dynamic visualized reporting feature. The Built-in automation Engine enables you to scale and optimize the sales process.

Sales Intelligence Platform

Sales intelligence Platform

An AI powered platform, which gives sales and marketing reps clean, highly accurate data, actionable news and social insights.

It gives the most accurate B2B Data and other industry insights directly into your CRM, so that the reps can target the right account, know the key touch points and connect with them at the right moments.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Our ABM solution helps you get laser focused in Identifying, discovering and targeting the right buyer groups from the targeted accounts.

You can build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on your requirements and only go after that accounts which are more likely to close faster.

Sales bot

Sales Bot

Sales representatives spend only one third of their time selling. Our sales bots are highly intelligent selling agents that can research, strategize and execute on behalf of sales reps to provide the competitive edge your sales teams need. Information on products, prospect, competition, performance and Industry are just a click away and in the flow of work.

the benefits

Get Your Sales to Focus on Constructive Activities

The salespeople can spend time on activities that need them while the sales stack efficiently manage the non-productive, laborious, and repetitive tasks

Harmonize Your Sales Systems

Align your various functions like sales, marketing, and operations to collaborate efficiently throughout the customer journey.

Improve Returns on Sales Workforce Investment

B2B sales reps improve conversion rates with more curated information about the industry, customer, best practices, and competition during different phases of selling.

Effective Social Selling in Modern Times

Be up there in the sales technology curve to harness the power of B2B social selling with good returns on the investments made.


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