How to Handle Customer Objections By World-Class Sales Professionals

Why you should care about objection handling?

While conducting sales training programs, a major challenge we come across most sellers is how to overcome customer objections.

While these objections are genuine, sellers see them as show stoppers to their selling process.

Therefore Questions we need to ask: Is your sales team aware of the types of objections your customer may have? And if they have there answers ready if these objections are raised.

Effective objection handling can help salespeople to close more deals and build stronger relationships with the customers.

What will you learn from this webinar?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Types of objections
  • Why each of them may ideally arise
  • How to handle each type of objection
  • Timing of when they may arise
  • How objections not uncovered early on can affect our winning chances during negotiations.


Linnet Dave - Independent Sales Consultant at Sales & Profit

Linnet has over sixteen years of professional training & sales experience spanning multiple business verticals and diverse sectors.

As a consultant she has worked with organisations across industries from Manufacturing, Automobile, IT & ITES, BFSI, FMCG, Hospitality &, Shipping & Logistics & Entertainment.

She is a certified facilitator of the core Miller Heiman Group methodologies, and has delivered successful workshops across the globe to groups of diverse international audiences.

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