How to Write Better B2B Cold Emails and Get More Replies

Why writing good B2B cold emails is important

People say cold emails are dead because it’s challenging to get a response from someone who doesn’t know who you are.

The reason your prospect doesn’t respond to you is because you don’t provide enough value for them in your cold email. And probably he is already getting 100s of emails daily from people trying to sell him/her their products or services 

That’s the reason why writing a good cold email is important. A well-written cold email that talks more about your prospect’s challenges and how you can help them will get more responses than an email that only speaks about your great your product or service is.

What will you learn from this webinar?

  • Compare a few samples of a good and bad cold email
  • Understand common mistakes of writing cold emails.
  • See a step-by-step approach to creating a perfect cold email.
  • A framework to write cold emails that will get you more responses

The Speaker:

Murtaza Poonawala - Dy. Manager Demand Generation - Sales & Profit​

Murtaza has 6+ years of experience in B2B demand generation and marketing.

He leads the overall marketing department of Sales & Profit and his sole job is to generate more qualified leads for the sales team using various marketing channels and strategies.

After sending 1000s of cold emails. Murtaza has cracked the code of writing cold emails that generates more responses and more meetings

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