A Leading Travel Tech Company Won a Deal of 120 Cr Post Our Sales Training Program

Key Points to Know

Company Background

A Mumbai based leading travel tech company offering a web-based Corporate Travel and Expense Management platform which is IATA certified.

Dedicated to empowering large businesses to efficiently manage their employee travel procurement in a transparent and secure manner, it services over 250 large enterprises, which include multinationals, Indian large corporates, public sector companies, & many more.

Service We Provided

We provided our b2b sales training service to them.

The customer opted for the “Institutionalizing Meeting Preparation with Value Selling Principles” and “Opportunity Management” modules which are classroom-based customized workshops for their Sales, Customer Success Managers and Implementation colleagues. 

Customer's Challenge and Objective

The customer’s sales team have been successful in pockets.

The product has been quite stable and that was the main strength and selling point.

They wanted to achieve the following :

  • The leadership team wanted to enable the Sales team with a structured approach to Sales process offerings.
  • To create a customer-focused and high growth mindset sales team who can have “Consultative Selling’ approach with the customers.
  • The team was hard working but management wanted to bring in structure /process to the sales team’s work.
  • Improve the conversion ratio of “Opportunity to Order”.
  •  Improve credibility with Mid-Senior customer touchpoints by enabling the sales team with skills to have insightful conversations with customers
  • They also wanted to create a “Common Language” across the sales team from Prospect – Order process.

How We Achieved

The S&P team spoke to the business leaders to understand their challenges and their solution vision.

The client could not articulate exactly what they needed.

However they worked closely with our consultants to help define the problem and brainstormed on possible different solution options.

Our consultants spoke with multiple stakeholders (from sales team, sales managers, sales leaders and few cross functional colleagues) to understand their sales/ customer world better.

This helped us consultants diagnose the problem and potential sales intervention well. Phase wise sales intervention journey was agreed with the customer management team. 

Based on the pre-workshop inputs, we created and customized the modules that were true to the customer’s world, with examples, language from their industry to help participants grasp the learning well.

As a process with every Sales Enablement project, the participants were given a pre-work before the workshop so that the our facilitator is well aware of their prospects and participants can apply the methodologies and frameworks to their live opportunities and real life customer interactions.

The Results

The team was able to realize the importance of preparing for a customer meeting and planning to win an opportunity.

Post workshop, the entire team started to follow the same process and that helped create a common language.

Also their internal sales process became focused and fast. 

The team was able to improve certain important metrics like : 

  • Customer Satisfaction Score for the customer-facing team went up by 18%
  • Win forecast went up by 22%
  • Number of touchpoints per customer account increase by 30%
  • Sales team won a large deal of 120 Cr within 6 weeks of completion of the workshop.

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