Winning Customer’s Confidence in Sales Recruitment Services

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We know that working in b2b sales recruitment is seriously competitive. Whether you are just starting or servicing your existing customer, it is always challenging. You can win Customer’s confidence only when you are able to fulfill the right talent at the earliest.

We have listed some of the points to focus on in achieving talent search services.

1. Understand Your Customer's Business

Before focusing on the job description, it is important to understand their business, the value proposition they offer to their end customers, why the people are successful and cultural fitment. With this understanding, you will be able to source the right talent which improves your conversion on the number of profiles submitted.

2. Connect With the Hiring Managers to Understand Their Perspective

It is important to understand what they value the most and create an ideal candidate profile for the role. This helps you to evaluate each profile from their point of view and will help you to justify the fitment. This discussion will figure out a lot that is not part of the job description.

3. Understand the Employee Value Proposition for Each Role

Before beginning with the process of recruiting a sales candidate, you need to list down the EVP with the customer. EVP is a unique set of offerings and values that positively influence targeted candidates. Recruiters need to clearly show there is a shared vision, and that both companies and candidates can benefit from a valuable relationship.

This will help to remove the fear in the candidates whether this is the right role and the right company. The is important to avoid last-minute dropouts and save time in hiring interested candidates.

This will help to remove the fear in the candidates whether this is the right role and the right company. The is important to avoid last-minute dropouts and save time in hiring interested candidates.

4. Do Your Research

Based on the Ideal Candidate Profile you should do your research on sourcing the right talent. Use various social media platforms, headhunting talent in companies who offer similar service offerings, related industries, or related industry forums.

5. Focus on Building Trust

It is important to build trust between the customer and the candidate and act as a bridge between both. Only with trust, you will be able to screen the candidates and check for the fitment for the role.

6. Candidate Engagement

Engaging candidates through every step of their journey is one of the top competitive advantages that Recruiters should invest in. When you combine trust and candidate engagement, you have got an excellent formula for Talent fulfilment.

It is the role of sales recruiters to set the expectations with the candidates on the journey from start to close and remain engaged throughout the process. Recruiters become the face for Candidates and need to ensure that the process is followed by the companies in spite of different personas who are involved in this journey and feedback is shared.


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