B2B Sales: Are We Treating Symptoms or Causes?

I have been fortunate enough to get exposure to various functions of B2B Sales in my career. The last few years of my entrepreneurial journey allowed me to go much deeper into understanding the Science behind B2B Sales, trying to diagnose “Cause” from “Symptoms” of Sales issues. In our “Sales Consulting” practice, I and my […]

Which Companies Should Opt for Sales Outsourcing

Lot of people (founders, sales heads, CXOs and many more) have asked me above question in last few years. I hope below article should help bring clarity. So, coming back to a related question. “Should an organization outsource its Sales function (either completely or partially) to a Sales Outsourcing Company? My Answer – IT DEPENDS. […]

Importance of Deal Qualification in B2B Sales

The Intention is to “Win More” But “Lose Fast” The Deals That Eventually You Are Going to Lose. “​ I don’t claim to be an expert of B2B Sales. I am a student of B2B Sales and believe learning is a lifelong pursuit. I have been in B2B Sales throughout my career and have managed […]