4 Categories of Customers Based on Their Understanding of “NEED”

Based on my experience of multiple client meetings and discussions with sales reps/leaders over time, I have tried to segregate prospective B2B customers in 4 categories based on customer’s understanding of her “need’ and awareness about the “solution”.

I personally feel very few enterprise sellers are able to manage category 3 customers.

This category 3 customers, unlike category 4,  is ready to take a decision. However many sellers feel – client is not serious as he/she is not able to articulate the need well.

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Vishal Mehta
Vishal is passionate about the science part of B2B Sales. He is a Co-founder of “B2B Sales” company –Sales & Profit (SalesPro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd) – It is into Sales Consulting, Sales Technology, Sales Training, Sales Recruitment and Lead generation.You can reach him @ vishal.mehta@salesprofit.in
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