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Why You Must Put in Efforts to Hire a Right Sales Talent for Your B2B Business

Every organization wants to have a high-performing sales team, isn’t that what you desire too?. If yes, then you should ensure that the b2b sales recruitment involves a process that attracts, hires, and retains top sales talent. You can hit the dart accurately and attain the anticipated Sales Revenue much easier if you have the right sales in place. Remember, Top talent delivers where it matters most – the bottom line.

Here’s why you should put efforts to hire the right sales talent :

1. To Secure the Ideal Candidate in One Go and Avoid Wastage of Efforts, Time and Resources

A majority of the Sales leaders are of the opinion that hiring the right sales talent is the responsibility of the Talent Acquisition team. Unless Sales leaders take more responsibility & focus on hiring the right talent, the efforts will not yield the desired outcomes. As it is rightly said, “Only a jeweller knows the true worth of a diamond”, similarly, a Sales Leader better understands the right talent in the particular department that they excel at. A blended effort is all it takes to make a difference and to choose the finest.

CSO Insights Sales Talent Study found an interesting fact that it takes four months to recruit a sales talent and it takes sales representatives almost 12 months to reach full productivity. By hiring the wrong talent, the companies open doors to dire consequences. Therefore, a lot of focus is required in the recruitment of sales force that necessitates hiring a the Right Sales Talent in the first instance.

2. To Select the Best From the Rest Through a Defined Process

When it comes to hiring top sales talent, the best sales recruiters follow the process of creating an Ideal Candidate Profile. By doing so, everyone involved in the hiring process is aware of the best-suited characteristics of an Ideal Candidate for the role & the organization.
Most of the companies create a job description and ask the recruiters to source candidates based on the curated specification. In our view, you cannot get the right candidates with JD alone and we insist on investing some time and creating the Ideal Candidate Profile.

The Ideal Candidate Profile emphasises on factors such as – optimal characteristics, traits, and skills you’d like the hired candidate to possess. Moreover, it includes other required aspects like- the previously handled target customer segments, domain expertise, attitude and behaviour of the candidate which resonates with your existing top performers in the sales team, personality traits that contribute to an individual’s success in the workplace and more.

3. To Determine The Characteristics For An Ideal Candidate That Will Give You A Clear Picture

It’s best to list what you’re looking for, starting with the most important to the least. Set realistic expectations by prioritizing the must-haves and success traits but remember that there is no such thing as ‘Perfect’. If you strive for perfection, you run the risk of missing out on outstanding talent.

Observe your top performers in the Sales team by analysing their key skills and personality traits. Ask yourself the very basic question- What makes them so successful within your organization? Use this vital information to determine some of the key characteristics that stand out in your top performers. This will aid in establishing your expectations in a new hire, especially in terms of personality and soft skills.

4. To Enhance The Hiring Process Via A Standardized Interview Procedure

Another element you should focus on is following a standardized interview process. Keeping the candidate informed about what will happen next, incentivize them to stick around.

A talent acquisition study commissioned by Glassdoor found that 69% of companies blamed broken interview processes as the reason why they were unable to hire quality Sales talent. It also found companies without a standardized interviewing process are five times more likely to make a bad hiring choice than those who have a clear-cut strategy in place.

Through our Sales Recruitment Services, we help our customers in identifying the right Sales talent. One of the key differentiations is we provide assistance in creating the Ideal Candidate Profile. Hence, I would urge all Sales leaders and Sales Talent and acquisition teams, to spend some time creating the ICP before you start your recruitment process.

Enjoy the benefits of the above-mentioned insights and avail the best sales talent with a trusted sales recruitment company. Feel free to reach out to us, in case if you are looking for some support on your Sales talent hiring process.


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