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Best Practices for Recruitment of the Right SalesForce

Is your organization spending most of the time recruiting the right sales talent?

“You’re not alone”. 

The average annual turnover rate for sales positions is 25-30%, which emphasizes the efforts that are involved in hiring and training your sales talent. It takes a lot of time to help them in being productive and meeting the organization’s sales targets.

Needless to say, your Sales Team gives the first impression of your Company, Culture & Brand to your audience. Therefore, every effort to hire the right sales talent is worth it.

Here are some best b2b sales recruitment practices and tips that can help the Talent Acquisition team in improving recruiting practices and hiring the right sales talent.

1. Observe the Star Performers You Have in Your Team

While preparing the job description, take some time to evaluate the existing strong and weak areas of the employees in your team. You should know why some of your top performers are successful and what are the traits helping them in performing consistently well. Analyse their personality traits and key skills, note the characteristics that help them to stand out and be successful at your organization. This will help you define what you expect from your candidates and determine what some of the commonalities are, particularly when it comes to personality and soft skills.

2. Identify the Relevant Experience

“Previous experience” is a requirement for most sales jobs, but let’s narrow down our process to understand the relevant experience required. The right recruitment of sales force demands you to first identify your requirements. You must know who you’re looking for. It may be someone from the same industry, someone who has experience in selling the same kind of service or products as yours or also someone who has hands-on experience with a particular technology or someone selling to a similar target audience as yours.

The job description should also focus on what candidates get out of it in terms of their careers. Remember, the best talent wants great opportunities and they look at the roles as stepping stones towards their goals.

3. Source Them Right

Here’s how you can try and identify the best talent out there, devise and implement a strategy to maximize your results:

  1. Run through your database
  2. Make the best use of Social Media to reach a wider audience
  3. Build great relationships with your customer, and try for good referrals
  4. Get in contact with a renowned sales recruitment company that has its own database and hunt for passive candidates.

4. Interview Takeaways

Every time a salesperson contacts a customer, they are essentially being interviewed. During your interview process with the candidate, you should be able to know “How they would respond to and connect with a potential customer.”

The potential candidate must be put through multiple interview processes with new people that will highlight his selling and relationship building skills, not only with the right salespeople but others too. This will help you evaluate the candidate’s communication and confidence with the different personalities.

“Invest time to develop an Ideal Candidate Profile according to every requirement”. This will help to source better candidates. When you have the best candidate pool, hiring the right talent is going to be a simple task at hand.


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