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Sales Technology Services

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Enabling future readiness with right tools

At Sales & Profit we are equipped to understand your business needs, current challenges, expected outcomes and advise you with the adoption of right technology tools that give you visible results that improve your Business KPIs.

The doubling of computer processing speed every 18 months, known as Moore's Law, is just one manifestation of the greater trend that all technological change occurs at an exponential rate.

Our experience has taught us that clients need this ever-changing technology tools to augment their sales efforts and give them value for money. Call us to understand how you can use technology to better your sales processes.

How can we help:

- We partner with leading technology companies which can support B2B companies to perform better with their innovative solutions.

- Share expert advice on the right technology tools for Sales enablement, Sales KPIs improvement, Improving efficiency of your expensive and busy sales team and may more.

- Facilitate Insights into new opportunity, analysis of sales pipeline, track sales professionals.

“When technology meets human effort, the results are exponential” We aim to make this your reality.

Sales intelligence Platform - An AI built platform, which gives sales and marketing reps clean, highly accurate data, actionable news and social insights. It gives the most accurate B2B Data and other industry insights directly into your CRM, so that the reps can target the right account, know with whom to engage and connect with the right decision makers.

Account Based Marketing ( ABM ) - Our ABM solution helps you get laser focused in Identifying, discovering and targeting the right buyer groups from the targeted accounts. You can build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on your requirements and only go after that accounts which are more likely to close faster. Interacting with prospects through various channels.

B2B Database powered by Artificial Intelligence - The power of machine learning combined with human intelligence to deliver you highly accurate, customized B2B company data to fuel your revenue.

Sales CRM - A visual based CRM which provides simple graphical visualization of sales process, Rapid implementation, little to no administrative overhead. Quickly identify opportunities to stay in and those to get out of and many more features for simplifying your sales process. It also provides insights and analytics to help with coaching and visualization of team performance in seconds.

Sales Analytics - An Artificial Intelligence driven tool for guiding Sales Rep through their every deal. It's a dedicated tool which provides them personalized recommendations by account, deal & reps coaching to meet their quota which enables Sales rep to drive sales & win more deals with good accuracy which increases their Sales revenue & guide them to drive their account smoothly. It can be integrated with existing CRM without hampering the current set-up.

Sales Strategies - Using the power of cognitive computing you can now build a responsive sales ecosystem that constantly senses, analyzes, reacts and realigns to deliver on common revenue objectives. –Rep Success Strategy, Deal Success Strategy and Account Success Strategy.

Sales coaching - While driving, you trust your GPS to find the most optimal route to arrive at your destination in the least time. Sales GPS does just that. It removes the clutter of graphs, insights and scores and provides specific next best action recommendations.

Sales Bot - Sales representatives spend only one third of their time selling. Our sales bots are highly intelligent selling agents that can research, strategize and execute on behalf of sales reps to provide the competitive edge your sales teams are looking for - Coaching chatbot, Action Bot, Collaboration Bot.

Demand Unit Based Marketing - Add an extra dimension to ABM using Conversational AI.

Pipeline Acceleration - Turbo charge your Sales Pipeline with AI.

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