A Guide to Help You Become an Exceptional B2B Seller


A simple and common question, “What does a B2B Sales professional do?” has multiple answers to it. Most of the responses revolve around an ideology that Sales Professionals manage the relationship with Businesses to sell products & services.

This is absolutely right but there’s more to what a salesperson does. In addition to selling, Sales professionals are the people who help customers to make a good decision by providing them with prompt facts, figures and solutions. A majority of sales professionals working in renowned sales companies in India states that sales is never about ‘YOU’ but it’s always about the ‘CUSTOMER’ ,their requirement and satisfaction.

To excel at B2B selling, you need to follow some of the basics listed below:

1. Look From Your Customer's Perspective

Several research studies confirm that there are a minimum of 7 people involved in one b2b sales. In such a case, the first thing to follow and the holy grail of every sales professional should be to understand each of the customers, their problem statement, business environment and challenges. In sales, it’s important to put on the ‘customer’s lens’ and view things from their perspective and not through your product offerings.

2. Build Your Credibility Through Research

Modern customers are well informed nowadays and expect each vendor interaction to be meaningful to them. Research is the one thing that cannot be emphasised enough. Every sales professional must conduct in-depth research about the customers, their business, challenges and even about each of the buying personas in the organization. If you are not prepared and you miss the initial opportunity of striking a chord with the customer, then it will be difficult to catch up later. This throws light onto another important aspect that is Credibility.

3. Safeguard Your Customer's Brain

When a customer meets a stranger, in this case the salesperson, for the first time the primitive brain of the customer will automatically turn into the ‘threat’ mode. It’s imperative for the sales professional to represent him/herself as an ally that will signal the customer’s brain to calm down. This eventually will make the rest of the cognitive brain to be receptive. It can be initiated with a firm handshake, friendly behaviour which can be further followed by demonstrating that you are prepared for both Yes and No responses.

4. Care About Your Customers

The customer is concerned about his/her business challenges; therefore, efforts should be made to build a conversation that revolves around their business world and not yours. It’s essential to guide the customer on how you’re planning to resolve their concerns. Right from the ideation to the implementation, everything must be made crystal clear. Transparency is an important aspect that weaves in credibility and trust between two individuals. At each point in the b2b sales process, it’s also important to stay honest with the customer. In the end, you may lose a deal but never a customer with your honesty.

5. Leverage the Power of Storytelling

Once you attain credibility, you can make an enhanced emotional connection by using stories to engage with the customers. There are proven studies and clear experiences that illustrate when facts are shared in story form, it brings changes in the belief that customers hold. This in turn leads to changes in their attitude, intentions and behaviours. Stories are an embodiment of your passion and experience. So, at any point of the sales process that seems challenging, put on your creative hats and master the art of conveying your message through storytelling.

B2B sales is a complex process and not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires experience, passion and deliverance. To avail the best from the rest it would be wise to get in contact with the best b2b sales companies in India


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C Rajasekaran
CR is the Co-Founder of Sales & Profit and an experienced B2B Sales & talent Consultant. With selling as his core skill, he has built and executed several sales strategies and sales talent strategies for organizations. He has 30 years of experience in sales leadership roles in companies like IBM, Cable & Wireless, Verizon & Telstra.
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