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Ideal Customer Profile

Discover the proven strategies of world-class B2B sales professionals who remain laser-focused on their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) — the customers or segments with a high propensity to buy, who offer the right price, and respect the seller.

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A Brief About This Sales Training Program

An ICP is a detailed description of the ideal customer for a business, based on characteristics such as industry, company size, revenue, key challenges, and customer traits.

By identifying and targeting the ICP, B2B sales teams can concentrate their efforts on high-value prospects that are most likely to benefit from and engage with their products or services, thereby increasing sales efficiency and success rates.

These scenarios distinguish ‘great’ sales leaders from ‘average, hardworking ones.

Great sales leaders respect both their team’s time and their customers’ time.

They stay focused on the right customers and ensure their sales, marketing, and inside sales teams do not expend energy on every customer account or segment.

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