Helped an IT Service Company Increase Their Number of Appointments by 14%

Key Points to Know

Company Background

A Chennai based global IT services and consulting company offering services like cloud enablement, app modernizations, Enterprise integration, Artificial Intelligence and etc.

They are partnered with some of the industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Mulesoft and etc supporting clients across the globe serving diverse customers.

Customer's Challenge and Objective

The Inside Sales team (SDR) team was not able to generate the desired number of meetings for the sales team, they were not able to hold the conversation with the key stakeholders, were not able to manage objections, the sales pitch was common across all the decision makers/ influencers.

The overall team’s productivity was below par which was directly impacting their sales revenue numbers.

Service We Provided

The customer opted for the “Fixing Right Appointments” module which is the classroom-based customized sales training program for their SDR team members.

How We Achieved

The S&P team spoke to the business leaders to understand the KPIs they would like to improve.

We parallelly spoke to a few participants to understand the day-to-day sales challenges, difficulties, and objections they face during their sales calls.

Based on the inputs, we created and customized the modules that are apt for their organization, with examples similar to their industry so that they can correlate.

Participants were even given the task of completing Pre-work before attending the workshop so that the facilitator is well aware of their prospects and participants can apply the methodologies and frameworks to their live opportunities.

The Results

The team was able to improve certain important metrics like:

  • Standardized the common Elevator pitch across the Inside Sales team
  • The team was able to give a customized pitch to different stakeholders
  • The number of appointments increased by 14%
  • Call-to-conversion rate increased by 17%
  • The team’s quota attainment increased by 9%

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