Cost Per Customer Meeting Calculator

Calculate the cost of each customer meeting for a single sales rep

Cost Per Customer Meeting Calculator

The Investment Behind Each Client Meeting

Getting a client meeting is no small feat.

Sales professionals invest considerable effort through calling, emails, social media, and more.

But once they secure that meeting, what do they do?

Surprisingly, we’ve seen most B2B salespeople don’t thoroughly prepare for their client meetings.

They believe they will wing it.

In our view, this is a sin and disrespectful not only to the selling organization but also towards the customer.

These sellers are not adding value to the customers’ precious time.

Is Your Cost Per Meeting Too High?

  • If your calculated cost per customer meeting exceeds 3,000 Rs, it’s time to consider institutionalizing a culture of meeting preparation across your sales team.
  • If in case your number is more than 10,000 Rs, your every customer meeting is too important to leave it to product knowledge and basic sales skills.

Benefits of a Meeting Preparation Culture

The top 5% of sales reps who prepare holistically with their customers in mind often become superstar sales reps.

Their credibility increases in their customer’s minds with every interaction.

Their customers over time respect these Sales Reps and they are treated as preferred suppliers/ consultants/ partners and not as a normal vendor.

Want to Enable Your Sales Team on Customer Meeting Preparation?

Implementing a meeting preparation culture across your sales team needs structured training and tools.

If you want to enable your sales team to prepare holistically for customer meetings, feel free to reach out to us on  OR visit our Contact us page

We’ll be happy to contribute to your Sales Growth KPIs.

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