5 Steps to Create an Effective ELEVATOR Pitch


Often, I have seen sales professionals initiating a cold call with detailed information about the organization and the various services they have to offer.

In a practical scenario, the average window a sales professional gets to hold the attention of the buyer is barely between 45 seconds to 1 minute.

A successful sales professional is one who extensively uses the ELEVATOR pitch to establish and position the organization to get the desired outcome.

ELEVATOR pitch is where one should emphasize WHY rather than WHO and ideally, it should last anywhere between 30 – 45 seconds.

Primarily this can be an idea/product/about a company that explains the concept in a crisp and concise manner so that the listener can get the gist of it.

Primarily an ELEVATOR pitch has 5 components namely :

1. Relatable Questions

Determine who you are talking to, be explicit about what you want from them, and what is the challenge they have that you can solve.

Example – Hi ABC, this is XYZ and I’m associated with _____ company. I understand you are responsible for _____ at (comp name).

2. Highlight What You Do

Describe briefly what the organization does (organization capabilities).

Example – I help organizations like yours in (mention imp point wrt your solution).   

3. Showcase Your Value

Communicate the value you can bring in and the uniqueness your offering has as compared to other service providers (USP).

Example – We work with only companies similar to yours like (a few of their competitors) and (mention USP)

4. Promote Your Achievement:

Mention your success stories and build credibility (point out a few of your benefits created in the customer world and use cases).

Example – Our solution increases turnaround time and productivity by X%.

5. Demonstrate Your Passion

Highlight your love for what you do as customers do not care how much you know until they realize how much you care.

Example – We are passionate about what we do and firmly believe in making things happen.

The ELEVATOR pitch works absolutely well during all the quick conversations and not only for the sales professionals but even for all other customer-facing roles, this produces the required results.

An ELEVATOR pitch is the reason a prospective customer chooses to close the call or decides to know more about your company. “Elevator pitch” along with “Ideal customer profile” and “Objections handling” are key reasons for frontline sales/ inside sales team to get meetings or rejections.


About the Author

Vinayak Bendigeri
Vinayak Bendigeri
Vinayak is a B2B sales professional having worked with large enterprises and startups in enhancing their sales performance.Please reach out to him at vinayak.b@salesprofit.in for any support on B2B sales.
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