B2B Sales Outsourcing

Win new customers with an extended Sales Arm

Looking to Increase Your Sales Team or Someone to Handle the Sales Engine?

We offer Sales, as a Service capable of deploying field sales or Inside sales performing your GTM Strategy without any brand dilution.

What We Do

Due to disruptive changes, B2B sales has evolved from an art to a science, and the Sellers need to focus on really understanding the “what, why, and when” of the customer to differentiate themselves.

We are a b2b sales outsourcing company in India working with tech companies in selling both services and solutions to large businesses and improving customer acquisition. We offer dedicated Sales resources who will undertake Cold calling to the closure of contract with your brand identity and help you grow your revenue. We also offer Business Development outsourcing services or Customer acquisitions based on your business needs in locations within India.

This will help you to outsource services to experts who can leverage on their trained sales team, experience, industry contacts and reduce your time to market.

b2b sales outsourcing companies in india

Our Focus

We help Customers in executing their GTM strategy by deploying our Sales team to grow revenue without brand dilution.

B2B Sales Outsourcing

  • Undertake end-to-end sales from cold calling to contract signing with dedicated sales resources.
  • Dedicated Resource model with domain expertise based on business needs

Business Development Outsourcing

  • Undertake Business development activity & generate qualified leads in a specific segment & territory.
  • Dedicated Resource model with domain expertise based on business needs.

The Benefits

Outsource Sales to Experts & Focus on Your Core

We being one of the finest sales outsourcing companies in India, offer Sales as a Service and undertake actives from cold calling to closure of the contract using dedicated sales resources.

Improve Your Time to Market

Start building your sales funnel using the trained sales resource and proven prospecting process.

Leverage the Industry Connections & Expertise

In working with a sales outsourcing company like us you get the advantage of our already established industry connections over the years.

Scale Up / Down Based on Business Needs

Get the flexibility to augment the sales team based on the demand with one of the leading sales outsourcing companies in Mumbai

Expansion Into New Geography

Using our Sales and business development outsourcing services, you can easily expand into new territories 

Focus on New Product or Service Lines

Focus on a specific product or service line to build momentum without disturbing your existing sales force


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