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Not Able to Generate Quality Leads for Your Sales Reps?

The brutal fact is, the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline, and the root cause is lack of prospecting

What We Do

More than 70% organizations feel sales reps spends more than 37% of his/her time in research; whereas the primary responsibility is engaging more and more with the customer.

Sales & Profit believes prospecting acts as a fuel in a sales process which needs to be constantly refilled. Our B2B lead generation services and our expertise in B2B complex sales enables organizations like yours in feeding top of the funnel.

Being one of the reputed b2b lead generation companies in India we follow your Ideal Customer Profile, implement our methodologies through multiple modes and make sure generate more and more opportunities for your sales team to converse with the prospects.

b2b lead generation companies in India
b2b lead generation services

Ideal Customer Profiling

  • Understanding your ideal customer profile for the product or services.
  • Probing the prospects and understanding their potential pain areas.

Custom Database Buiding

  • We build a targeted database based on the defined ICP.
  • Details like industry, prospect name, prospect’s emails, linkedin profiles, company’s revenue etc are captured.
  • Initial signoff of a sample database from the client
  • Monthly addition of prospects in the database
Industry Specific Content

Industry Specific Content

  • Creation of the content based on specific challenges for each industries.
  • Emphasizing on benifit language rather than product language.
  • We follow a methodology called CSO, i.e Challenges, Soluton & Outcome while creating the content.
Outreach Campaign

Outreach Campaign

  • A sequential email campaign is setup with upto 4 emails sent with an interval of 5-6 days between each emails.
  • Further A/B testing is carried out for different subject lines and email body.
  • In between the emails, all prospects are invited to connect over linkedin.
  • Tracking important metrics like open rates, bounce rates, response rates etc on regular basis.
  • Based on the performace reports, each camapign is further optimized.

More Qualified Opportunities

You already get prospects who are aware about your product/service and are open to engage further.

Increased Sales Productivity

No need for the sales reps to spend their time over prospecting. Instead they can focus on closing the already warm leads.

Target Desired Customers

Our B2B lead generation services allows you to target your desired customers where you think you might make more sales

Better ROI

You pay only for the leads received and hence a greater chance of squaring your ROI by reducing CPL


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