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Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

B2B lead generation companies

Our custom-built Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) generation is an activity which fits in all the above buckets which drives enquiries. The service focuses on outbound personalized campaigns through email and LinkedIn outreach thus identifies right prospects as per your ICP, discovers the interest and eventually opens up the door for sales conversations.

If you are an organization who wants to approach major industries/ accounts and target key personas like CEO, CXO, VP, Director across functions in  India and international, then you may like to speak with us for our custom-built approach.

Efficiency of any solution depends on the “solution- need” fitment. Our Lead Gen is the right solution for the companies who are looking for prospecting in the right accounts with the right touchpoints.

Key Highlights

  • Personalized outreach                                                              
  • Structured & rigorous follow up activity
  • Market based & Account mining approach
  • Custom list building

Expected Outcomes

  • Account mining
  • Unearth new & unknown opportunities
  • Creating (positive) noise in the market
  • Funnel Building