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Negotiation Traits Demonstrated By Great Sales Professionals

One of the key areas many sales professionals or organizations miss to address is to enable their teams to be Great Negotiators & the most important misconception about negotiation is that ‘it is an act of winning one against the other’.

Is your team aware of the win-win approach in Negotiation & Do they apply this approach while negotiating? If not then this webinar is for you.

Negotiation needs preparation & a collaborative mindset, that can help you have a long term relationship with your clients or anyone you are negotiating

In this webinar we will :

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Our Speaker

Leenna Jayachaandran

Independent Sales Consultant & Transformation Advisor

Navigated the ups and downs of sales & service for the last 25+ years, in Sales Leadership, Career Coaching, Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Client Relationship, Customer Care, Business Development, Team Management, Business Services & Key Account Management across Fortune 500 companies, globally. Also, Have been awarded by CHRO Asia as “100 Best Global Coaches” in the recent times for the work in mentoring professionals, Multiple recognitions/awards during the career, such as “Execution Excellence’, “Best Practice” “Top 100 Performers Worldwide” “Bell Award”, “Excellence in increasing the Market share” “Win back lost accounts”.