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How to achieve more in Sales by Doing less - The Three Sales Accelerators

 If you want to achieve more in sales by doing less , then this workshop is for you. The session covers three accelerators and incorporates experiential exercises to deepen learning in eac

While these objections are genuine sellers see them as show stoppers in their selling process.

Therefore Questions we need to ask: Is your sales team aware of the types of objections your customer may have.

Do the sellers prepare and pre-empt these objections during the sales process

How would these objections impact your funnel if not uncovered or addressed in time.

In this webinar we will discuss :

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Our Speaker

Amit Agarwal

Independent Sales Consultant - Sales & Profit

Linnet has Fourteen years of enriched experience in the training and sales consulting, during which she has been a part of the success of many training initiatives and received multiple awards and accolades for her work. She started her career with Daksh as a communication trainer and subsequently been part of large training companies such as TMI, Tack and MHG erstwhile Achieve Global. She is equipped to handle and lead the entire learning cycle from need identification to learning reinforcement.