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A Complete Guide to B2B Lead Generation Using Cold Emails

One of the most prominent aspects of B2B Lead Generation services over the years has been sending cold emails. However, B2B cold emails have a bad rap. I also get hundreds of them every day, and for the most part, they are not worth responding to.

To stand out of the crowd you need to make sure you are reaching out to the right set of accounts rather than carpet bombing everywhere. It’s therefore imperative to prepare email content compelling enough for them to respond.

When we talk about B2B email marketing, things take a different route as compared to B2C marketing. In B2B email marketing, you try to connect with your consumers in an emotive manner. Your focus should be on the benefits that your consumers will get if they purchase your product or services.

Below are few steps which can help you get started with your B2B Lead Generation through email marketing :

1. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile

To start the process of generating B2B Leads through emails, the first step is to define your “Ideal Customer Profile” which is unique to your organization.

The Ideal Customer Profile includes the following: 

  1.  Location of the target companies
  2. Size of the target companies
  3. Industry in which the target companies fall in
  4. Target Designations
  5. The seniority of the target designations.

2. Identifying the Challenges of Your ICP

After you have successfully defined whom, you want to target. The second step is to identify what kind of challenges those companies must be facing and how your product or service can help solve those challenges. The challenges can either be industry-specific or designation specific.

Capturing this information would further help you tailor down your content to that particular industry or persona.

3. Generating The Database

Finding the database is not a challenge nowadays. There are plenty of vendors and tools available that can help you get the required database.

Make sure you have properly segmented the database industry-wise; this would help you target one industry at a time with content specific to that industry.

4. Preparing The Email Content

“Content is the king” as everyone says. But what exactly should you write in your email content?

The answer is Simple – “Write about the receiver”

What does that mean?

Your content should mostly speak about what benefit the prospect and his company would get out of your product and services. A simple formula you can follow while creating email content is the CSO formula

Challenges – Mention the specific challenges the prospect might be facing. It can be challenges related to their industries or challenges which companies similar to them might be facing

Solution – After you have covered the challenges which you know they might be facing, now it’s time to talk about the solution you are here to offer them that would help them solve the mentioned challenges. It doesn’t mean you need to go on a rampage to promote your product or service. Remember we need to keep most of the email content about them and not us

Outcome – This part covers the outcome the prospect can expect after they would go ahead with your solution. Try to give some stats or metrics in this section. (Ex. 30% improvement in profit or 40% increase in the number of leads)

The content in this CSO formula can be different for different industries.

5. Executing The Campaign

Data suggests that usually, the best time to send cold emails is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can plan your email outreach accordingly. One important thing to note is- not to send 100 emails in one go.

Start slow with fewer numbers so that you can track the performance of the campaigns and keep improving accordingly. Also, you don’t want your email to be marked as spam because of the large number of emails.

In 2021, it’s more important than ever to be human. By following the above tips which are often practised by renowned B2B lead generation companies in India, create a conversation with your contacts. Personalization is the way forward. Find out what’s keeping them awake at night, and provide them with the solutions they need to be successful through your emails.


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