Customer “Negotiations” Best Practices (Avg VS Great Sales Professionals)

customer sales negotiations best practices

Whoever is in B2B Complex selling, all of us go through the “negotiation” phase of “Sales Process”, Unless you are a Monopoly or a Utility player in your industry, most of us go through it time & again. Few of us have undergone “Negotiation Skills” training in our Sales Career. It taught us several concepts […]

Right Time to Disclose the Price to the Prospect

disclosing price

Every sales professional is enabled or has mastered the art of qualifying in an opportunity thoroughly and of course, that is perhaps one of the most crucial stages in a sales cycle. We all believe sales reps are more often than not enthusiastic and confident of closing the orders coming their way but the fact […]

5 Steps to Create an Effective ELEVATOR Pitch


Often, I have seen sales professionals initiating a cold call with detailed information about the organization and the various services they have to offer. In a practical scenario, the average window a sales professional gets to hold the attention of the buyer is barely between 45 seconds to 1 minute. A successful sales professional is […]

Checklists for Customer Meeting Preparation


Sometimes basics are taken for granted and it feels it’s not worth investing time and assumed as if all sales reps are aware and entering a client meeting well prepared. However, that’s not true. Our “Sales Consulting” experience of working with customers of various sizes made it clear to us that only ~ <5% (Sales) […]

Best Practices While Doing Customer Follow-ups

best practices to do customer followups

Whoever is in B2B Sales we all know one thing – “Follow ups” matter and many a time, its the reason for Sellers winning and not winning the deal. In B2B Sales, the seller does multiple activities viz. prospecting, qualifying, mapping stakeholders, proposal making, negotiation & closing. Two activities are the most cumbersome – Prospecting […]

Why Approaching Multiple Touchpoints in Prospecting Is a Boon for B2B Sellers

targeting multiple touchpoints in b2b sales

Every sales professional is aware of the fact that prospecting is one of the most crucial stages in the sales cycle and is an ongoing activity. Benefits Of Mapping Multiple Touchpoints While Prospecting Generally, most B2B sellers indulge with only 1 or 2 stakeholders in an account while prospecting and by doing so they may […]

What Is a Sales and Marketing Plan to Achieve Goals


Simple Terms of Sales & Marketing Marketing attracts leads and prospects to your company and product or service to a certain level of interest. Sales, on the other hand, works directly with prospects to reinforce the value of the company’s solution. by converting those potential customers into actual ones. To some extent, Sales works faster […]

B2B Sales: Are We Treating Symptoms or Causes?

b2b salesperson confused

I have been fortunate enough to get exposure to various functions of B2B Sales in my career. The last few years of my entrepreneurial journey allowed me to go much deeper into understanding the Science behind B2B Sales, trying to diagnose “Cause” from “Symptoms” of Sales issues. In our “Sales Consulting” practice, I and my […]

A Guide to Help You Become an Exceptional B2B Seller


A simple and common question, “What does a B2B Sales professional do?” has multiple answers to it. Most of the responses revolve around an ideology that Sales Professionals manage the relationship with Businesses to sell products & services. This is absolutely right but there’s more to what a salesperson does. In addition to selling, Sales […]