Recruitment Trends in 2021


“Nothing is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies” 2021 is almost halfway gone, and a lot of things have changed. Several industries have been impacted because of COVID-19. Hiring trends that were relevant earlier are not currently applicable. The methods for […]

AI: An Essential Paradigm Shift for B2B Sales

AI, an impeccable force has transformed the landscape of several industries over the years. Painting a futuristic picture and creating distinguished experiences for the customers, with AI, we can surely say that the Future is Here! AI and ML together have started to impact customer experience functions more than ever before. B2B selling has always […]

2020 Virtual Selling Study – CSO Insights

When it comes to virtual selling, what do World-Class organizations do better than all others? CSO insights (Research Arm of Miller Heiman Group) has come up with an interesting data grid from 2020 Virtual Selling Study, comparing the selling practices of World-Class organizations against all respondents: Download the Report